Stress abbauen: Mentaltrainer und Life Coach Dr. Jan C. Wulff hilft Führungskräften und Medizinern bei chronischem Stress und Stress am Arbeitsplatz

How I help?

The hardest words for any high-achieving professional to say are, „I need help“.

Admitting that you are stressed and not coping very well is embarrassing. I help high achievers, including business people, lawyers, teachers, architects, doctors and other medical experts to better deal with the pressure, stress and strain of their industries and thus live a more fulfilling life.

In the UK, 74% of all adults have felt so stressed at some point that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. Symptoms of stress include anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, depression, poor relationships with family members, negative thinking and a general loss of optimism and zest for life.

In addition to this, we have to deal with:

  • A poor work-life balance
  • A high-pressure working environment
  • The emotional effect of working with clients and patients
  • The expectations and perceptions of other people

It’s easy to see how a combination of these can really take their toll and negatively affect your confidence and skills.

Coaching, with Dr Jan C. Wulff.

As a qualified and experienced Life Coach, I created my effective 5-step BrainTuning® System to take high-achieving individuals and teams of professionals from overwork and exhaustion to feeling positive, energised and deeply fulfilled in only 12 weeks!

As I have done with many, many others, I will help you to reorient yourself towards your goals and your passion in both your professional and private life. Feelings of pride, satisfaction and fulfilment will be reignited – but most of all, your joy for life will significantly increase.

Recent Testimonials

„Since committing to Dr Jan C. Wulff’s incredible BrainTuning® System, I have positively transformed my mindset, philosophy and outlook. I have gone from becoming stressed and anxious over things that are out of my control, to calmer and happier than ever with my newly gained knowledge and understanding, all learnt via Dr Jan’s invaluable coaching. I believe that, along with Dr Jan’s extensive knowledge and expertise, it is the clarity in everything that he shares, his fantastic sense of humour and genuine empathy that make him such a wonderful coach. He is a really good laugh and has a way of arousing positive energy. I would strongly recommend Dr Jan C. Wulff to anyone that would benefit from working on a positive mindset in order to achieve both their professional and personal goals.“

„I was really keen to work on a positive mindset and came across Dr Jan C. Wulff. It was immediately apparent that Dr Jan really knows what he is on about and has a great depth of experience, not only as a coach, but within the medical profession as well. Dr Jan helped me to understand that I was becoming stressed and anxious over things that I simply had no control over. He taught me how to use positive affirmations, and his fantastic “mental weeding” exercise, to transform my inner world for the better. Doing this has enabled me to positively influence the world around me and, as a result, I will definitely continue to utilise everything that Dr Jan has shared with me.“

„As quite a practical person, I like to understand stuff and favour repetition of certain things to really consolidate them. Dr Jan C. Wulff is such an interesting, knowledgeable and experienced coach that understanding all he shared with me was very easy. I found the clarity of everything Dr Jan spoke about invaluable and will continue to utilise all he has taught me to ensure optimum performance in both my professional and personal life. I would actively encourage anyone who is looking to work on a positive mindset, philosophy and outlook, to book a Discovery Call with Dr Jan C. Wulff.“

Want to learn more?

Schedule a call with me today and discover how I can help you to regain your joy and passion for life!


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